We are located on the corner of Cash Road and Maul Road.

Just look for our sign!






FOR YOUR PET'S SAFETY: All pets must be restrained in arms, in a pet carrier, or on a leash at all times. 
Complimentary leashes are available by the front door.

*We also carry a wide assortment of products for your pet's health and well-being; flea & tick products and premise treatments, heartworm prevention, vitamin supplements, shampoos, and healthy dog teats.


Our reception area features:

*Comfortable seating in a homey yet professional atmosphere. 

*A notice board where we keep a list of pets that are for sale, free, lost or found, as well as other notes of interest.

*Science Diet brand food. Our staff can help you pick the prescription diet just right for your pet.

*Tuff Lock Collars- Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee- "even if your dog chews it in two"



We have two examination rooms, both with exam tables/scales.  Each is stocked with all the equipment necessary for our doctor to perform a thorough examination on your pet.






A well stocked laboratory is essential to the diagnosis and treatment of sickness and disease.  With sophisticated equipment we can test urine, fecal matter, skin, and blood.  Our equipment includes:

Heska SpotChem EZ SP-4430

Heska CBC-Diff Veterinary Hematology System


IDEXX VetLab UA Urine Analyzer


MedRx inc. Deluxe Video Vetscope System

Reflotron Blood Analyzer

In addition, we also test for heartworms, intestinal worms, other internal parasites, as well as several tick-born diseases.


Our on-site pharmacy contains all the medication that your pet may require for treatment. 
Refilling your pet's RX may be as simple as picking up the phone and calling us! 

NOTE: Federal Law prohibits the dispensing of certain medications without examination or prescription. Your understanding is appreciated.  Thanks!


We have two kennel rooms where we hospitalize sick pets and board visiting pets.  Each contains three different size cages ranging from small to large to best suit the needs of your pet.  Our large cages can easily hold two dogs so your pets can stay together while boarding.  Boarding pets are provided daily with fresh water and are fed Science Diet Brand pet food.  Clients are encouraged to bring their pet's special toys or food from home. All cages are thoroughly disinfected daily.  A staff member comes in when we are closed to feed, water, and let your pet use our exercise yard. 

FOR THE SAFETY OF ALL PETS: Proof of current vaccinations BY A LICENSED VETERINARIAN is required for all boarders. If proof is not available, boarding pets will be vaccinated at their owner's expense.

Boarders are released only during normal clinic hours.


Dogs are allowed out into our spacious exercise yard multiple times a day.  They are let out one at a time and allowed ample time to run, play and "do their business".  For the safety of your pet, the yard is cleaned of all fecal matter daily.


Our surgery room contains all the equipment needed for us to do many types of surgeries.  All precautions are taken to reduce your pet's risk of infection.


Radiology is an important tool in diagnosis and treatment. 
X-Rays are taken in our Radiology Area.  With the REVO
Digital X-Ray System, x-rays can be instantly reviewed by our doctor so that treatment can be administered as soon as possible. 


Our staff is provided with safety equipment and radiation badges to monitor exposure levels.



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