Dr. Betty Rigby
Dr. Rigby is a graduate of Auburn School of Veterinary Medicine in Auburn, Alabama. She has been in Camden since 1979. Dr. Rigby attends continuing education classes yearly to stay current on the newest medical findings. She has an Australian Shepherd named Spark who comes to work with her daily.

Sally deFrance
Office Manager Sally deFrance has extensive training in management. She has been with the clinic since 1981, almost since the start. She has a lab mix, Pearl. Her cats include Don Don, Louie, and Spot. For concerns or suggestions, e-mail Sally at sally@maulroadanimalclinic.com

Robb House
Robb House, Clinic Director/Webmaster, has a degree in Computer Science and is a whiz at running our computerized records and keeping our computers in working order. He has been with the clinic since 1994. He has a terrier mix named Charlie, and  two cats- Thames and Frankie. For comments or suggestions concerning this website, e-mail Robb at staff@maulroadanimalclinic.com

Betty Carneal
Betty has been with the clinic since 2000. She is a Certified Veterinary Dental Technician and runs our laboratory.  Her dogs are Dakota, Daisy, Ruby, and Lucy, and she has a cat named Sher-bear.

Justin Rinehart
Justin is the newest addition to our staff. He is an Animal Science major at SAU and has had experience in handling livestock and pets. He has a Great Pyrenees named Bear.



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